Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Motor Hybrid 2 Airbag Super Airbag

During this dual-engine technology, aka hybrid known only in the car. But who would have thought if the motor was actually able to apply the same technology. That's what's wanted is evidenced by the hybrid motor, Izh Concept.

Motor Hybrid  2 Airbag Super Airbag

Motor concept is designed by Igor Chak who also designed the Honda CB 750 motorcycle concept model in 2015 which last week disclosed.

This motor is a motor Soviet production before falling into the hands of the IMZ-Ural USSR and is one of the best motor makers in the world.

For projects of this hybrid motor wear motor Izh Chak-1 production in 1929 is already carrying the V-Twin engine with a capacity of 1200 cc which has 3 teeth and power 23 hp.

Motor jadul were then given a new V-Twin engine smaller ie 850 cc but with a far greater power, 140 hp. This machine even has a great power but also claimed fuel economy thanks to the automatic application of smart fuel-regulating system.

Apart from gasoline engines before, Izh Concept is also supported by the electric powertrain
powered 60 kW with 2 speed gearbox.

With this combination, Izh Concept can be very efficient with fuel consumption of just 2.94 liters to go 100 km.

Ability kitchen runway this motor can be in settings as you wish. There are 3 modes provided by the Sport, Comfort and Manual which can be selected via remote control driver.

Eits, wait a minute. Because in addition to sophisticated, it also appeared to Izh Concept also
seconded by many other innovative devices like two airbags, radar to see objects or vehicles in front. Radar is also equipped with night vision. And sensors that can detect the side blind spot region.

Izh Concept

There are also other security features are also applied to the motor is starting from
traction control, an accelerometer for the headlights, stabilizer and ABS.
Finally, this motor also will carry the connection features such as GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and 4G that is connected to the LCD touch screen 3D.

Because it is still a concept, unfortunately the future of the motor is environmentally friendly does not have banderolan price.


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