Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spesifikasi Lengkap Suzuki Hayate

While was crossing a Spesifikasi Lengkap Suzuki Hayate dealer in the area of ​​East Jakarta, Wednesday (03.22.2011) did not accidentally seen a new vision of Suzuki Hayate, the motor that uses soccer as a brand ambassadornya Bachdim Irfan.Can not wait to find out more clearly, detikOto was immediately parked the vehicle right at the Suzuki dealership. "Yeah, just come mas," the guard asked the showroom when detikOto Hayate is that correct.Spesifikasi Lengkap Suzuki Hayate

In terms of design, Hayate seems to be different from the Skywave . A second difference skutik bongsor looks from the front to the rear.It's just for the 125 cc machines are still using the same used Skywave. Perhaps Suzuki felt a magnitude 9.6 hp engine is already quite capable of breaking Hayate the peak velocity.Then what about price? "The price of gold is still tentative, but if the center said about 14.3 million, up slightly from Skywave," added the guard who did not want his name mentioned. Spesifikasi Lengkap Suzuki Hayate

A glimpse of this vehicle similar to the Suzuki Skywave. Suzuki Hayate still show a rather large body despite having a shorter length when compared with Suzuki Skywave.Seen also differences in the headlamp and taillight. Both parts are served to illuminate the way it appears more fresh in the Suzuki Hayate.If the head lamp on the front of the displayed Skywave is the twin headlamp is in the form 'V' is slightly elongated and above, but separated by a body. While you'll enjoy this time Suzuki Hayate twin head lamp shaped 'V' is slightly widened laterally without division with the body.

While on the back of the head lamp shown Hayate this time have two eyes. However, different vehicles have lights cents under the back of the head lamp.While on the handlebar this bike has a smaller form factor when compared with the Skywave. However, in the neck Hayate, this vehicle is still showing the same form as Skywave to split in two places to put something or bottle.Suzuki Hayate also have differences in the ignition. At Suzuki Skywave if we want to open seats, then we have to press a new key plays left.

While at this time Suzuki Hayate no need to press but directly played the left fence. And when Suzuki Hayate as he turned the key is pressed it will automatically suzuki Hayate will lock.But the equation Hayate and Skywave is located on the machine. Hayate machine exactly the same as that offered by Suzuki Skywave. But there is little difference in the engine coolant. In the Suzuki Hayate in front of the engine cooling engine, while the Suzuki Skywave is above the engine coolant.


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